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Satire Papers

Satire papers are a matter of your imagination and creativity. Depending on how crazy you make them, you can improve your chances of success. When it comes to writing these papers, the most common questions are: What am I going to make fun of? and How am I to do it? Even a brilliant, well-written satire essay can end in a total disaster after one clumsy step.

Writing a satire paper on people

    Here are some tips on what you can write about to prevent a failure:
  • Yourself. This is the easiest way to relax and entertain your readers. They stop worrying about being an object of satire, and see their own weaknesses in your story. This is the best way to make fun of typical habits. The main thing about satirizing yourself is to stick to the truth, and make it as realistic, as possible.

    A well-known American writer, Kristin Hunter, said that everyone is a wonder and has a story to tell. In your case, if you describe your typical actions that sound familiar to others, you win. A reader will look through your paper and nod his/her head, kinda saying, “Yep, just like me”.

  • Individuals. Of course, you can write about your ex-boyfriend (girlfriend), or a friend of yours who came up with something worth writing about. If well-written, a paper like this is going to be interesting to read. However, there is nothing better than satirizing famous people. Note that you don’t have to use tabloid style writing, discussing their private lives. Instead, discuss their interesting quotes, gestures, dress styles, or some well-known events, where these people appeared. Keep in mind that it is harder to laugh at smart celebrities. Be careful when doing this.
  • Groups of people. If you are of African-American descent and do hip-hop with a group of people just like you, it’s okay to give insights into what’s going on in your small community. If you are a caucasian person and just pass by, be careful! Laughing at minority groups, you can face an accusation of racism. Try to avoid this mistake.

Writing a satire paper on politics and facts

  • Politics. Okay, you need to know at least something about it before satirizing. Otherwise, you will turn yourself into an object of satire. Politicians often make funny mistakes in their speeches. It is a really good idea for your paper. Also, some big events that shake the world can be a good topic for your essay. Just be careful.
  • Facts. Facts require serious consideration as well. First of all, you can’t mix the facts. Also, make sure that the evidence you provide is 100% true. Double-check all the information. Try to give sophisticated reasons, instead of kindergarten-level arguments.

These are the most popular and basic objects for satire. Here you can download research papers for free. If your imagination offers something more interesting, just go for it. Goof luck with your papers and have a nice day!

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